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I am delighted to now be offering access to medicinal cannabis and integrative medicine consults from a central Sydney CBD location. 

Dr. Zaina Cheema


Dr Zaina Cheema is a Sydney based specialist GP with interests in the integrative management of anxiety, depression, insomnia, acne and children’s health.

She is a prescriber of medicinal cannabis and is passionate about providing access to this treatment for those living with chronic pain and anxiety where she has seen it benefit many of her patients.

You have a medical condition and you have tried standard or conventional medications and treatments.

You have discussed medicinal cannabis with your current treating practitioners, and they are unable to prescribe it to you.

You have read and understood the TGA patient information factsheet
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Other Services

Anxiety Management

Learn to help manage & control your anxiety and feelings of anxiousness

Children’s Health

Combining general practice & nutritional medicine approaches to help kids thrive, strengthen their immune systems, and improve their Gut health. 


Comprehensive and holistic management of acne utilising a range of medical and nutritional treatments

Insomnia Management

Improve your sleeping habits and quality of sleep

"The greatest medicine of all is teaching people how not to need it - Hippocrates "

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