IV Therapy

IV therapy

Available by prior consultation only. Existing patients may book directly online if they have been advised that they are appropriate for this treatment.

Iron infusion

Please note, if you would like to make an appointment directly using our online booking system, please ensure you have a copy of your recent blood tests (iron studies, FBC, ESR/CRP) and a prescription for an IV iron product from your regular doctor. Please purchase the product from your local pharmacist and bring it with you to your appointment. If you have not been advised by a doctor that you are appropriate for an iron infusion, you will need to book a standard consultation prior to your infusion appointment.

Improve Immune Function and Optimise Health

Boost Energy Levels

Improve Mental Clarity and Cognitive Function

Sydney GP Consultations

Appointment Cost
Iron Infusions$300 ($110 medicare rebate for eligible patients)
Vitamin C, Glutathione, NAD. & Zinc InfusionTreatments are individualised, starting at $500

How to book your appointment

Send an email to reception@drzainib.com
Call us to book on (02) 9226 2140
Book directly from my calendar
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