Integrative mental health care

We provide comprehensive premium medical care; a top to toe assessment of the way your physical health is impacting your mental health. In many people with Depression, Anxiety, or Insomnia, the nervous system becomes imbalanced. There is an over-activation of what is commonly referred to as the flight or fight system. We screen for neuro-endocrine and physical causes of these symptoms. We work with you to rebalance your nervous system with lifestyle, medication, and psychotherapy. This holistic approach is based on the disciplines of psychoneuroendocrinology and psycho-neuroimmunology. At Sunflower we call this Integrative mental health medicine; AKA the mind-body connection.


The DASS -21 (Depression Anxiety & Stress Scale) is a one of the most widely used mood assessment tools in medicine. It is used by doctors and psychologists to measure the degree of Depression, Anxiety, and Stress experienced by patients along their mental health journey.

Our online DASS 21 Calculator can be found here:



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Integrative mental health care

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