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When I started specialty training with the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (RACGP), I hadn’t heard of functional or integrative medicine. My first experience with functional and integrative medicine was as a parent, when my then 2 year old developed a movement condition that was so rare that it was difficult to even receive a diagnosis let alone a prognosis or plan for treatment.

Needless to say, it was a very difficult time. I am grateful that I was lucky enough to have found an incredible integrative Paediatrician who was able to use a different approach to disease and health that ultimately resolved my son’s condition. I also witnessed his immune system strengthen, his chronic constipation and growing pains resolve, his focus and attention increased, and his ‘challenging behaviours’ as his teachers described, also improved.

That experience was the catalyst for me to complete further study in Nutritional and Environmental Medicine and I began using the approach with my patients during my standard GP consultations. The feedback and improvement in my patients was encouraging and it became clear that improving nutrition, treating deficiencies, and improving gut health all contribute to significant and sometimes life-changing improvements to health.

Today, integrative medicine is one of the tools I keep in my toolbox for patients who would like to try the approach. I enjoy managing Anxiety, Insomnia, Acne, and Children’s health using this highly integrated and holistic approach.

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