Insomnia treatment

Quality sleep promotes brain health, improved healthspan and longevity.

Fall asleep easily and enjoy the many health benefits of an uninterrupted nights sleep.

Insomnia refers to difficulty getting to sleep, staying asleep or having non-restorative sleep despite having the opportunity for sleep.

Chronic insomnia is a medical condition that is important to treat. Insomnia becomes chronic when symptoms have lasted for more than 4 weeks.

The Royal Australian College of General Practitioners suggests that Chronic insomnia is under-diagnosed and under-treated. People may experience periods of recurrence followed by periods of normal sleep.

At sunflower, we use a range of medical, psychological, and lifestyle therapies to assist in restoring healthy sleep patterns for our patients.


Better Sleep

Uninterrupted Sleep

Wakeup Refreshed

Acute & Chronic Insomnia Treatment

A holistic approach to Insomnia management.
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