Chronic Pain

Explore medicinal cannabis as an option to manage chronic pain. At Sunflower we have supported hundreds of patients with chronic pain to take control of their health.

Chronic pain is very common in both children and adults. It contributes significantly to poor mental health outcomes, and the two often co-exist. It is important to note that sometimes trauma can be associated with complex pain presentations.

There is mounting evidence now for medicinal cannabis in the management of chronic pain, and indeed I am encouraged by the experiences of my patients with this new medical therapy.

Chronic pain is a complex condition that requires a multi-disciplinary approach. I find it important to work closely with medical and allied health colleagues who are also passionate about chronic pain. Improvement requires patience, and a confidence that things can and will get better. I use a combination of pharmacological, psychological, and non-drug treatments in my practice, as I find a multi-modal approach most effective.

Chronic Pain Consultations

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