Dr Zaina Cheema is a specialist GP with interests in medicinal cannabis, functional medicine, emergency medicine, rural health, and infectious diseases.

She is a prescriber of medicinal cannabis and is passionate about its potential to treat conditions that have not responded to other medicines.

When I started specialty training with the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (RACGP), I hadn’t heard of functional or integrative medicine. My first experience with functional and integrative medicine was as a parent, when my then 2 year old developed a movement disorder that was so rare that it was difficult to even receive a diagnosis let alone a prognosis or plan for treatment.

Medicinal cannabis is not a panacea. But it is one of the most exciting, safest, and broadly therapeutic medical treatments of our time. It deserves to be studied, and patients deserve access.

As a family doctor, for many years I have been the first person with whom my patients have shared their psychological difficulties, relationship distress, anxiety, and depression. It takes a lot of thought, planning, courage, and motivation to overcome the inertia required to seek help. Often patients have suffered for years before they have the insight to understand that the dysfunction in their relationships; their declining work performance; their deteriorating physical and sexual health, is related to an anxiety disorder.
Acne is often overlooked as a cause of significant psychological distress and poor self image. It is a complex multi-factorial condition, and each patient has a different cause for their acne, and the treatment approach will vary.

Tired in the morning? Dying for a rest every afternoon? When it’s finally time to sleep you struggle to fall asleep and stay asleep? 

As a consultant GP, Dr Zaina Cheema is experienced in being the first point of call for all family and child health presentations. A mum herself, Dr Cheema has a special interest in paediatrics and has completed the Diploma in Child Health from the Sydney Children’s Hospitals Network. She is also a registered Antenatal Shared Care provider with several Sydney hospitals.

IV Therapy provides a range of benefits to patients who cannot absorb nutrients naturally through digestion. IV therapy is only available with prior consultation or with a referral & recent blood tests from your regular doctor.
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