Dr Zainib Cheema

Medicinal Cannabis FAQs

What information should I bring to support my application for medicinal cannabis? Names of previous medications and therapies that you have tried Names and contact details of specialists you have previously seen What are some common conditions that medicinal cannabis is used for in Australia? Chronic pain, anxiety, insomnia, epilepsy, ADHD, Autism, migraine, chemotherapy induced …

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Anxiety Management

In my practice I use a combination of therapies to assist my patients, including: endo-cannabinoid system balancing; anti-depressant and anti-anxiety medications; nutritional medicine and functional medicine; IV nutritional therapy; and counselling. I find mental health one of the most rewarding aspects of general practice. It is truly life changing for patients and their families, when …

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Acne is often overlooked as a cause of significant psychological distress and poor self image. It is a complex multi-factorial condition, and each patient has a different cause for their acne, and the treatment approach will vary. In my general practice I have found that many patients respond well to nutritional therapies for acne. Indeed, …

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