Dr Zaina Cheema, Sydney based specialist GP

Dr Zaina Cheema is a specialist GP with interests in medicinal cannabis, functional medicine, emergency medicine, rural health, and infectious diseases. She is a prescriber of medicinal cannabis and is passionate about its potential to treat conditions that have not responded to other medicines.

A mum herself, she loves supporting her littlest patients to reach their full potential. She has experienced first hand the immense benefit of combining modern diagnostic tools with evidence based nutritional and environmental medicine approaches in improving her own son’s health and is highly motivated to work with parents to manage Autism, ADHD, behavioural problems, and recurrent infections.

She enjoys practising at the cutting edge and is interested in current research and the therapeutic potential of innovative treatments. She offers integrative consults focusing on health optimisation and can work with highly motivated clients interested in biohacking and IV therapies.

Dr Zaina Cheema is passionate about Rural health and spends half her time working in Emergency medicine in remote NSW. She has a passion for learning and is currently undertaking her Masters at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine where she is completing her MSc in Infectious Diseases  with an interest in Neglected Tropical Diseases. 

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